We Build One Custom Home At A Time
A beautiful home is closer than you think.

Gary Pettus

Known for his tireless work ethic, Gary Pettus started building things on the farm where he was raised. There he learned to build and repair almost anything. But always with one eye on perfection, and one eye on the details. That’s still true today. When you call Pettus Builders, you’ll find that he is still hands-on, start to finish work.

Imagine applying that level of expertise and craftsmanship to the home of your dreams. Pettus Builders makes it happen, typically in under eight months. Because when we build a custom home, we focus on that home, right through completion.

Dale HaNdley

As a project manager, Dale Handley offers Pettus clients a wide range of valuable skills that draw from his diverse construction background. For nearly a decade, Dale worked as a business analyst for a large commercial contractor, which gives him a keen insight into and command over variables that might impact a project’s bottom line. During this same time period, Dale had his own renovation business, giving him an intimate understanding of hammer-and-nails construction.

Based on his background and experience, Dale is ideally suited for his role as a project manager at Pettus. He keeps his eye on both the build and the budget and can deftly guide his contractors and clients through every aspect of a successful project.